Transition therapy, is based on tanato therapy, that is deep relaxation therapy for body and mind.

Through very slow movements of hands, head and feet, as well as through very gentle touches, the person is broght into very deep state of inner relaxations and "letting go" mode. 

My teacher Roman Goldrin is saying:
"It is opportunity to deeply relax, find answers to your questions, release both physical and mental pain, discover your creative potentia and make a transition to new stage of life."

Deep relaxation allows self-healing energy reserves to be unleashed. Deep relaxation allows self-healing energy reserves to be unleashed. Through deep relaxation, it is possible to find a solution to complex psychological and physical problems.

Everyone has tensions, but in many cases they lead to various problems, and relaxation is not very easy. The muscles connected to the spine, i.e. the core muscles, which are regulated by the vegetative nervous system and which cannot be relaxed only by a command given by thought. When these muscles are tense, our central nervous system and consciousness cannot relax, so our physical and mental health can suffer.

The name transition therapy comes from the knowledge that a person experiences deep relaxation at the moment of death. At this moment, all the muscles of the body relax, so in a natural way we will achieve complete relaxation moments before death. Using certain methods it is possible to use the ability of the body to deeply relax already during life, with the aim of solving many problems.

In transition therapy, various techniques are used to help clients to relax as deeply as in the moment before death, while doing so safely and gently. Therapy achieves a state where thoughts and body are separate, the person rests and relaxes, and thereby heals.

In some ways, transition therapy is also similar to dreaming in sleep - in a dream we also go through the emotional events that happened during the day, but in transition therapy it is possible to do the same while awake, being present in the process and leading it.

Transition therapy is also good to use if you want to start your development path, but it is difficult for you to express yourself verbally, you have an anxiety disorder or it is very difficult to relax during the journey.

You can choose the length of the transition therapy session yourself, either 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

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